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A member of the International Police for many years, Looker is only known by his codename. He is sent to various regions to investigate the organized crime syndicates at large. English is not his primary language and so his speech is often riddled with strange grammatical constructs. His habits of investigation are usually as quirky as his speech.

Though he means well and is ultimately able to bring people to justice, Looker seems to be quite bumbling and often comes across as being inept or even outright idiotic at times. Whether this is a result of true ditziness or simply a display of obfuscating stupidity is up for debate.

Looker is generally an amiable guy, gladly stopping to chat with people who greet him, though he always maintains at least a small amount of vigilance. His good-humored and slightly clueless nature all but vanish when he's on the tail of criminals, replaced with diligence, thoughtful planning, and a near black-and-white view on justice... well, most of the time, anyway.

Things have changed since his stint in the Sinnoh region all those years ago. Between losing his trusted crime-fighting partner and gaining an adoptive daughter of sorts, he's not entirely sure whether these changes have been for the better or the worse.

(( RP account; Pokémon X&Y, post-game ))
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ack my streak is broken, adopting orphans is awesome, ambiguous sexuality ftw!, beer, being totally inconspicuous, black and white justice, confusing people, constantly stating the obvious, croagunk, crossdressing, disguises, donuts, dynamic entries, enforcing the law, gambling, game corners, giratina scares me, going over the top, grown men aren't moe, hard-boiled detectives, hay laydeez, high salaries, i wanna be the guy, idk my bff azelf, in ur home hittin on ur moms, innuendo is the best, investigations, jupiter what is this, justice, lattes, looking like an idiot, not empty wallets, not team galactic, not team plasma, out-fabulous-ing lance, patrolling, redundancy department of redundancy, screwed-up speech, slot machines, slow on the uptake, sneaking around, taking down evil organizations, the international police, the occasional drink, these interests are interesting, trenchcoats, unintentional secondary meanings, voltorb flip, your mom
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